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Instrumental Transcommunication

In Sweden, 1959, Friedrich Jürgenson

while recording bird calls, registered strange

sounds amid  his recording.




 This marked the beginning of what was to become  Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC). Initially, Friedrich was frightened by the mysterious noises, acoustic signs, mixed phrases within the birdcalls. As he studied the sounds more deeply, he found that they were voices of dead people that were speaking to him. Friedrich began to ask questions and receive answers in his recordings. The phrases were short and at first didn’t make sense.


 Jürgenson, had doubts about the origin of the communication and began to research in several experiments to confirm that the sounds were coming from communication spirits. Friedrich concluded that the sounds were recordings of deceased people that were speaking to him. Convinced of his findings, he decided to present his works to scientific community including scientists, computer technicians, parapsycologists and news editors. His first book on instrumental transcommunication was named “ Les voix de l`Univers’.” “The voice of the Universe” was published in 1964.


This was the first scientific research of  ITC. The United States became interested in the new field and invested in further research with scientists and specialists. A wide range of communications were sought through building specific apparatuses that used various techniques, which later evolved into use with computers, radio, fax, telephone and TV sets with sound and images.


Jürgenson died in 1980. During his funeral, in a city 700 km away, a trancommunicater received an intuition from Friedrich tune his TV to an inexistent channel and prepare to photograph an image that would appear. After a few minutes, a sparkle appeared in the corner of the screen. Little by little the image of Friedrich Jürgenson could be seen on the screen. The pictures and a report of the amazing event were published by a well-known Brazilian scientist, Dr. Ernane Guimarães Andrade in the newspaper “Spiritist Leaf”.



Research of the borders of death increased

with the proof of instrumental transcommunication.

 François Brune, a French Catholic priest of the S. Sulpicio order with vast knowledge in culture and languages, dedicated himself to ITC.


  In 1987, he met in Luxembourg with researches on ITC such as Jules and Maggy Harsch-Fischbac, who had conducting experiments and established contact with spirits (voice and images) through electronic devices.


 Priest Brune after exhaustive investigation and analysis of the phenomena concluded that the manifestations were not fraudulent, or interference from radio or television or even conscious manifestations (collective or individual) but rather came from “the dead” or spirits. Some communications were made in various languages demonstrating that it could not be from an earthly radio station. For example: "Tacha, Raudive. Tev de Gratulation Konci! Pekainis. Tev nav ko eilt, Konsta".  


This sentence was a mixture of Swedish, English and a dialect from Letonia and German and means: “Thanks Raudive. Congratulations for you Konst. You need to move quickly.


ITC is a difficult means of communication because it communicates between different dimensions. The spirits inform us that there is a difference in frequency and in the flow of time itself. Some ITC communications are preformed via materials in the environment giving their voices an audible to the material dimension. To this end, much preparation is needed.


Priest Brune during an ITC session in Luxemburg, states that Jules had tuned the radio between two stations, which gave the effect of a shrill. Maggy spoke alternately in French and german to a number of spirits (spirits that had previously spoken in ITC). Little by little the noise changed. At first, it was indistinct. The phrase started in the middle, making it unable to be understood. Suddenly, the voice came through clearly: “an immaterial substratum, or whatever the name one gives i.e. principle, Soul, spirit or a parcel of eternity that escapes from destruction.” Unfortunately today people fear death...


 The full text as well as all of the sequence of research made Priest Brune are in his book, Direct Line to the Beyond.


During a ITC conference in Fortaleza-Ceará-Brazil  in 1994, Priest Brune, played a recording on his small tape recorder, reproduced that text  and other ones before a large auditorium. One perfectly audible recording was the voice of a speaking in French spirit. The voice coming from the other dimension were of a high priest of the church and affirmed “we are travelers of eternity, life does not end with death of the material body and that our relatives that have past away on the “great journey” did not disappear but rather are in another dimension of life and that they can communicate with you.


The amiable priest after having spoken about the marvels of the spiritual world in their superior dimensions, narrated by the spirits, finished his communication with a playful air:

“What are we expecting for after death?”


Priest Brune in his book Direct Line to the Beyond involves the Church in the pioneering research of ITC. The first case he reports is from the Catholic University laboratory of experiments in physics in Milan, Italy with the reknowned physicist and founder of the Uninersity, Priest Agostinho Gemelli who was at the time President of the Papal Academy. The experiments were performed with Priest Pellegrino Ernetti Gemely. The recording registered was of the deceased father of Priest Gemely and spoke of an observation that his son had made to Priest Pellegrino Ernetti. They took the recording to the Pope Pio XII. The Pope heard the tape and calmed the Priests by saying that the phenomena was part of the scientific domain and encouraged them to continue their research as it marked a new scientific study which will confirm the after life faith.


As is common knowledge, unusual phenomena are kept silent in the Catholic church. Brune affirms that it is not easy to reveal the reality of the spiritual life after death.


ITC research has raised interest in several scientific fields, primarily experiments performed in laboratories by Physics, Electronic Engineers and specialists in processing signs supported by mathematics.


Many people look to Instrumental Transcommunication to contact their loved ones. This is often the case of mothers that have lost their child at a young age.


Despite the mistakes that are made in ITC and some even fraud Transcommunication, there are many serious researchers that are investigating the facts and affirming the truths and revealing the frauds. The finger of hope touches those who seek the truth and find it. All we can say to this “Praise God!”


The Brazilian author, Sônia Rinaldi, used the principles

 of ITC in her research to prove the reality of

life after the physical death.

This gave a scientific proof to her work

as shown in her books.

Sônia is the founder of the National Association of Transcomunicators. In 1997 she founded, with researchers globally recognized, GAIT-global Association Instrumental of Transcommunication, with it’s head office in the United States.

“Only with the endorsement of Science, the truth Spirit knowledge leave the realms of  Religion and  enters into  Nature, without mysticism or fantasy”, states Sônia. In her book” Interdimensional Contacts” (Ed. Pensamento, year 2.000) Sônia speaks of a numerous occurrences of documented ITC in Brazil, showing  pictures, recordings, interviews, etc.. The materials presented as ITC were scrutinized thoroughly to evaluate their authenticity. A CD accompanies the book. The CD has paranormal voices that validate the cases studied her book.

 Over a thousand on going projects have surprised the scientific world and people around the world with new revelations of Instrumental Transcommunication.

  Priest François Brune states his regret that the scientific community and the catholic church silence and censor his uncontestable and extraordinary discovery, even in the light that “the dead speak to us”.

Brune ends his book Direct Line to the Beyond by saying: “I am truly convinced that, with the instrumental transcommunication, we have a new and fantastic means of communication that assures us that we will survival after death."





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